Construction and Engineering

Our clients in the Construction and Engineering practice are diverse. They include architects and Engineering firms, contractors, sub-contractors, service providers, developers, land owners, investors and lenders.

Our work in the construction and engineering practice includes:

  • Advising on public procurements, bid preparation and evaluation and in some cases representation before the Public Procurement and Disposal authority in contentious bid awards.
  • Advising on Engineering and Construction contracts in property developments in both commercial and residential properties, roads, factories and industries.
  • Advising on financing documents and investor agreements, different kinds of securities, security perfection, security sharing agreements in multi-lender projects on various sides: lenders, developers and investors
  • Advising on industrial and factory developments on various kinds of agreements, including environmental agreements and compliance issues.
  • In the energy, power, oil and gaz sector, we advise on various construction agreements, power line development and specialized facilities.
  • We advise land owners and developers or acquirers on right of way, property disposal in the right of way, claims and payments as well as property destruction during and after public infrastructure developments.

We have currently successfully advised over five investors among the pioneer investors in the Kampala Industrial and Business Park. We are currently advising the biggest private industrial development in Northern Uganda since independence. The project involved a complicated land acquisition, currently in its development stage and will be a template for several projects in that part of the country.