Corporate Governance

We advise and keep our clients updated on Corporate Governance matters tailored to their individual, industry and markets practices. We also advise on legislation and regulation, specific governance and compliance matters, best practices and increasing global developments. Our knowledge and experience in this practice enables us to anticipate and appropriately advise our clients and keep them ahead.

Our work in corporate governance includes:

  • Board and senior management structures, the role of non-executive directors, compensation of senior executives, responsibilities and liabilities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • External Auditor independence
  • Directors' remuneration
  • Listing and industry specific standards including professional bodies' standards.
  • Funding of Political Actors and business relationships with Politically Exposed Persons [PEP)

Our team is experienced in corporate fiduciary standards and ever changing extensive legislations, regulations, industry and global corporates' best practices. We also have experience in listing standards shaping this area of practice arising out of the past experiences in several countries and companies.