In our corporate practice, we advise our clients on, among others:
  • Establishment and administration of companies or forming different companies and in various industries
  • Capital raising and maintenance, the different types of capital structure and various rights as well as liability and interests of different funders in the company
  • Issues relating to corporate taxation, investment incentives and executive compensation
  • Directors' remuneration, obligations, liability and duties in the different corporate settings
  • Corporate governance matters including the various roles and interest of various stakeholders, conflict of interest in line of the existing law and frameworks or individual company guidelines and policies.
  • The Anti-corruption Act and employee criminal prosecution and liability
  • Regional treaties, investments and trade matters.
  • Corporate compliances of internal policies and procedures to minimize risk and ensure ethical behaviors, including stakeholder compliance matters and dealing with violations of the underlying laws, regulations and policies.

We advise both public and private limited companies, Non-governmental Organizations, government parastatals and statutory companies doing business, utility companies, banks and various financial institutions, Community Based Organizations and Cooperatives.