Employment and employment benefits

We are active in employment management, individual, groups and employment benefits schemes, taxation of employee benefits and related matters, employment, performance incentives, expatriates and owner employee contracts.

We regularly advise our clients on recruitment, retention and termination matters, workmanís compensation, insurance, health and safety as well as claims for and against employers and employees. The employment Act creates a number of claims which are strict and requires careful consideration, at the same time international standards and practices influence employee/employer relations, so our employment practice is expanding with increasing employment litigation enforcing employee rights, employers non-compete matters, intellectual property, trade secret matters and data protection among other critical matters.

We advise clients on different benefits, statutory or bargained pension plans, provident fund, gratuity, social security, contributory and defined benefits schemes, profit share, stock ownership plans as well as individual and group medical, disability and insurance schemes.

Our team has specialized wide range knowledge of complexities of the employment law and claims including planning, compliance with new statutes and regulations, drafting and updating manuals as well as qualified and non-qualified plan documents. We understand the magnitude of employment matters which call for sound and efficient advice.

Our employment practice is very successful handling, must-win litigation and working with our teams in corporate, tax, intellectual properties practice to identify special issues and problems on various matters. Such matters include executive compensation, data security, mergers and acquisition, privatization, taxation on various benefits like deferred and or compensation, or severance payments.

Clients come to us because of our teamís rich experience in handling employment matters.