Public sector

We have experience in the public sector from privatization to creation of new public entities. We are familiar with a number of issues involving the public sector, their set ups and operations. With our multi practice setting, we are well positioned to advise a number of public entities.

Our clients in this sector include:

  • Statutory corporations
  • Government projects
  • Local Administrative bodies
  • Regulatory bodies
  • Government agencies

We advise our clients in the public sector in a range of areas including:

  • Mandates, government policy, reforms, commercial matters, relationships with various government entities and private entities in regard to matters like accessing private and bank finance, guarantees, liability and loan approvals, institutional development and capacity building, engagements with independent contractors and service providers
  • Public sector Regulatory matters, licenses, authorizations, regulations, public hearings, personnel, pension mandatory or contributory, termination schemes, provident funds, investment income
  • Litigation and dispute resolution

We have a good record in advising and representing the public sector in our various different practice areas.