Social investment

We provide a full spectrum of advisory and transactional work for our clients in the social investment as well as clients with a combination of social and commercial investment. There is a huge social investment sector supporting several interventions from charities to micro finance funding in specific areas like agriculture, food security, financial inclusion, commodities and export led products.

Our clients in this sector include:

  • Non-governmental organizations
  • International financial institutions
  • Private equity firms
  • Foreign companies affiliated to foreign governments
  • Donor agencies and foreign support projects
  • International development banks and agencies

Our work in this sector includes:

  • Advising on the best corporate structures, incorporation, registration, compliance, operational matters, expatriate staff and taxation
  • Local counterparts due diligence, local government recommendation, funding and dealing with encumbered property, different kinds of security, acquisition of property
  • Liquidation and or transfer of projects property at the end of funding period.
  • Advising on corporate social responsibility initiatives, channeling of funds and or help to the intended beneficiaries to avoid disadvantaged groups being ripped off, governance matters and structures.
  • Project partnerships, funding and sponsorship, grant advisory, local presence and operational matters.
  • Legal and advisory support to Donor projects, organization of community based entities, obtaining local government approvals, property ownership, project legacies, liaison with various government departments and agencies, integrity and reputation risk.

We have built capability and with our wide knowledge in a spectrum of practices and industries ranging from environment, corporate, government practice, human rights, microfinance, litigation and real estate, we are able to effectively serve our clients. Our team works in a multidisciplinary manner to effectively serve our social sector clients who are in varied areas of their social interventions.