Manufacturing, retail and distribution

Our clients in the manufacturing, retail and distribution industry are diverse. We handle industry specific matters and matters covering a number of our practice areas from corporate, banking, employment, environment, intellectual property and tax.

We advise our clients on:

  • Product risk and safety and liability
  • Commercial contracts such as distribution, marketing and sales, commercial leases for their outlets and advertising space
  • Employment matters, mandatory contributions, termination and retirement benefits
  • Technology transfer, Intellectual properties including trademark and product counterfeits
  • Environmental permits, waste, contamination and compliance
  • Engineering, civil works and various consultancies in a number of areas
  • Various regulatory matters and specific legal advisory
  • COMESA protocols, East African community matters and world trade organization agreements, regulations and their effects on our clients’ businesses.

We effectively advise and help our clients in their business establishments, licensing, land acquisition, construction, funding of their activities, employment, repatriation of profits and taxation.