International Lenders

Our experience in corporate banking and investment gives us a good understanding of and insight into the local borrower’s and international lender’s needs.

There is a huge demand for new institutional capital yet often times, the traditional lenders cannot meet this demand due to commercial and, quite often, regulatory supervision. Our practice in this sector gives us a wide network of international lending institutions interested in certain sectors of the economy, for instance agriculture and those with a mission to lend and meet social mandates.

We help clients making investments or lending to local counterparts by giving technical and commercial legal advice to meet the needs of the international lender. This enables the international lenders to provide finance at any or all levels of the capital or social structure.

We advise on the structure and execution of transactions across the whole value chain of the borrower.

Our team is tuned to meeting the international lender’s deal time frames. We give clear and commercial legal advice including lending structures, repayments and funds drawdown, due diligence on the borrower and borrower’s assets, security perfection and default situations.