Why you should choose us?

1. We have values that drive us every day to serve our clients and the community we do business at the same time. We know and believe they are good values and you share the same values.

2. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand what matters most to them and what drives value to their businesses. This gives us the discipline to be more responsive to their unique needs. This keen interest equips us to constantly advise them on compliance, regulatory, enforcement and legal matters and; the respective changes and impact to their businesses

3. We have very successful and resourceful team of lawyers, they commit and give you very creative solutions in an efficient manner to ensure that you obtain successful and positive results.

4. We have a respected corporate, commercial, regulatory and litigation practices
We understand every step of the way in our respective practice areas, we regularly interface with regulators, judges and counterparts in our work. We have the capacity and integrity to handle all work with absolute confidence and keep our clients fully advised.

5. Our commercial and corporate practice has recognition for its involvement by number of successful investors in the Kampala Business and Industrial park (KBIP). We render advise from business establishment, licensing employment matters including employee benefits, expatriate work permits, and other employee related matters, land acquisition and registration, securities perfection and finance transactions including all other critical transactional matters for foreign investors.

We have handled a number of investors in the Kampala Industrial and business park doing different types of businesses.