The telecommunication sector is a very competitive and growing industry. A number of players are entering the market with a number of new value added services, changing the landscape including electronic money. We are positioned to advise on all aspects in this industry, including licensed telecom companies, companies seeking to enter the Ugandan market, value added service providers and a spectrum of market players.

We handle a number of aspects including legal and regulatory matters, business, policy and transactional work as well as emerging issues in this industry involving content and new technologies.

We help our client in the following areas:

  • Telecom regulation and guidelines
  • Telecom and spectrum licensing
  • Network and infrastructure sharing
  • Interconnection agreement
  • Next generation and convergent technologies
  • Competition policy
  • Universal services
  • Price regulation

Our team understands the telecom sector, issues affecting the sector including basic PSTN services, mobile and fixed wireless services, spectrum and data transmission services, resale services, private networks, internet services, providers of value added services, access and interconnection issues, mobile virtual network operation and dispute resolution.