Real Estate

We have an excellent real Estate practice. We are advisors to a number of real estate developments from planning to disposal both in the urban and country side, roads, commercial and residential developments.

Our work in the real Estate practice include:

  • Acquisition, disposal and harmonization of multiple interests in real estate and relationship management with the various interest holders Advising on real estate planning, construction and development for different real interest holders including land owners, developers, lenders, borrowers, municipal authorities and neighbours.
  • Advising on landlords and tenants on various kinds of relationships, registerable and non-registerable leases, equity interests, lease back financing and mortgages.
  • Advising on construction and development agreements, condominium and communal living management.
We advise three of the top ten high end real estate inner city developers, we also handle the government’s only real estate development company. We handle various aspects in their real estate development and other commercial matters.