Our lawyers are experienced tax practitioners; they understand tax for all kinds of business entities and various industries and; bring a lot of experience from other practices. We give clear, thoughtful and business-like advice to our clients.

Our work in the tax practice covers:

  • Domestic tax including income and corporate tax, value added tax, tax penalties, capital gains and property tax.
  • Tax compliance and developing tax efficient transactions and vehicles
  • Tax dispute resolutions and investigations, queries and settlements
  • Advising on the structure of a variety of commercial transactions, negotiations and assisting clients on tax related matters
  • Advising tax efficient structures on ongoing business transactions
  • Representing clients in tax administration, consensual negotiations and settlement with tax authorities.
  • Handling clients tax audits, correspondence with tax authority, administrative dispute resolutions and litigation.

We work closely with other professionals especially accountants and industry specific professionals to deliver value to our clients.