Intellectual Properties

Intellectual Property
We advise clients on intellectual property protection because, for a number of businesses, intellectual property (IP) forms the core of their business and offers a competitive advantage over their competitors.

We advise clients about:

  • Transactions and handle their intellectual property matters: due diligence, existence and transfer of IP rights, maintenance of IP rights and post transaction IP matters, renewals, classification and registration of Trademarks, liaison with Africa Regional Intellectual Property (ARIPO) office on patent matters and respond to IP inquiries during the registration process.
  • IP registration and modifications protections, copyrights, trademarks, investigations, passing off suits and blocking passing offs.
  • IP agreements, including but not limited to: logo use during sponsorship, trademarks, franchise, distribution and licensing..

We handle clients’ IP litigation and dispute resolution matters, injunctive and mandatory orders, damages arising out of passing off, monitoring and liaison with police and security agencies on IP violations and infringements