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About Us

We are one of the leading corporate law firms in Uganda providing consistently quality, excellent and commercially relevant legal services to our clients and their businesses in Uganda.

We are innovative, passionate and client driven firm. Our partners and associates have wide experience in a number of our practice and industry areas. We all share the same values and discipline to deliver to our clients the services they really want. In the past year, we moved our offices to our current location and improved the way we deliver our services to give our clients the best services.
We distinguish our self through our people, their attitudes, innovative thinking and approach to meet the clients' dynamic needs. Each day we address and anticipate our clients' concerns thus this sets us apart. We bring local market knowledge and perspective to all our clients' work but thinking global. We understand the needs of our clients and we ensure to give our clients the best, effective and relevant transactional, advisory, litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience.

We attract quality work, work on a number of big and complex transactions. We are relentless in our work, exceptional in clients service and innovative in all that we do. We build partnerships with our clients by understanding their business to be our business.

Our commitment to our clients is reflected in everything we do, our approach to work and the kind of work our clients bring to us is a testimony and recognition of our talent and abilities.
Our peers and clients have noted our ability, delivery and capabilities to provide excellent legal service. Some have noted that we have set a good foundation and we are a law firm to reckon with in all that we do.

We are a full service law firm providing a broad range of services. We are consistent, and excellent in providing quality work and we have capable personnel thus offering practical solutions to our clients in each of the areas of practice and industry we work. These include:

Corporate, commercial, banking and financial institutions, tax, capital markets, Energy and Natural Resources, environment, Real Estate, employment and employment benefits, intellectual properties, litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
Our lawyers provide the most creative solutions for our clients' most important and challenging matters. They have in-depth knowledge and experience in a number of sectors. They advise on a broad range of financial, corporate, private equity, dispute resolution, commercial and regulatory matters.

Thinking Global, Results oriented, Long term relationships & Best service experience.
Thinking Global
We know that we have to deliver the best local advice solutions in everything we do at global standards. Our lawyers work for diverse clients, some of our clients with global standards and others yearning to get to global standards. We therefore set out to practice at the highest global standards and partner with the very best in their fields.

Results oriented
We listen to our clients to understand their interests and desired end result. This shapes and helps us to tailor our approach to each client work than approach every aspect of our client's work in a standardized manner.

Long term relationships
We believe in building long terms relationships without clients. Our clients are in diverse industries and have unique approaches to their respective businesses. The long term relationship enables us to appreciate that our clients' business is our business.

Best service experience
Client service is central to everything we do for our clients, we are committed to understanding our clients' businesses. We also know it is not enough to deliver a service but we have to give our clients the best service experience unrivalled in all aspects; through the way we communicate, deliver the service and or obtain the results, timeframes, costs and specific interests while at the same time focusing on the big picture.



1. We have values that drive us every day to serve our clients and the community we do business at the same time. We know and believe they are good values and you share the same values.

2. We work hand in hand with our clients to understand what matters most to them and what drives value to their businesses.This gives us the discipline to be more responsive to their unique needs. This keen interest equips us to constantly advise them on compliance, regulatory, enforcement and legal matters and; the respective changes and impact to their businesses

3. We have very successful and resourceful team of lawyers, they commit and give you very creative solutions in an efficient manner to ensure that you obtain successful and positive results.

4. We have a respected corporate, commercial, regulatory and litigation practices

We understand every step of the way in our respective practice areas, we regularly interface with regulators, judges and counterparts in our work. We have the capacity and integrity to handle all work with absolute confidence and keep our clients fully advised.

5. Our commercial and corporate practice has recognition for its involvement by number of successful investors in the Kampala Business and Industrial park (KBIP).
We render advise from business establishment, licensing employment matters including employee benefits, expatriate work permits, and other employee related matters, land acquisition and registration, securities perfection and finance transactions including all other critical transactional matters for foreign investors.

We have handled a number of investors in the Kampala Industrial and business park doing different types of businesses.



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Energy, Infrastructure & Natural Resources


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